Schuyler County LPG Facility

Schuyler County LPG

     WATKINS GLEN - [WENY]     It was a big turnout on Monday night at the Schuyler County Legislative building in Watkins Glen. The legislature was set to vote on the proposed LPG storage facility.
     The legislature voted to support the LPG Storage Facility on Seneca Lake, the resolution passed 5 to 3.
     Opponents of the LPG Storage and Transportation facilities say that the environment, and the tourism industry would be hurt.
     Schuyler County resident Johnno Potter said, "To me if the DEC takes over 5 years cannot figure it out, it means that there is huge issues that are at hand here that are very difficult to decide one way or another I just, I mean the bottom line is without the facility the issues don't exist."
     But for people in support of the facility say it will create jobs, support the tax base, all of this while maintaining a safe operation.
     Robert Phillips, the President and CEO of Crestwood Midstream commented in a press release saying, "I am grateful to the members of the Schuyler County legislature for passing this resolution." and, "As a company, we are dedicated to the safety of our employees and the communities where our employees live and work, and the Finger Lakes facility is no exception. This shovel-ready project will create jobs."
     The DEC still needs to finish the facility review before anything moves forward with the storage project.