Screening Brings Ithaca Community Together

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Screening Brings Ithaca Community Together

June 23, 2014

ITHACA (WENY) --  Dozens of people filled the seats at Cinemapolis Sunday night to support Ithacan Emma Frisch, a finalist on the popular show, 'Food Network Star'.
     Cinemapolis has been hosting live screenings each week, but this weeks came just two days after the horrific accident, when a tractor trailer crashed into Simeons restaurant, just around the corner from the theater.
     Brett Bossard, Executive Director at Cinemapolis said, "all the emergency vehicles had to run right past us to get to the scene of the accident so it's been
something that's been affecting us all weekend."
     An Ithaca staple, Simeon's Restaurant was left in ruins, a building over 135 years old. And a memorial was set up outside for 27-year-old Amanda Bush, a bartender at the restaurant, who was killed in the accident.
     "Starting at 6:30 A.M.this morning when I went to pick up a box of papers from my office there was just such an outpouring of genuine emotion from the community. And the kind of leadership we see in the community not only from the Mayor but from Emma Frisch is really amazing and it's really lifted peoples spirits," said Jeff Bercuvitz, President of Sparks Center for Leadership and a member of Sunday night's audience.
     Little did the Food Network Star know, that her event would give a community, just what they needed. A chance to smile again.
     "It's been a really hard weekend. I think people really have been thinking a lot about what happened at Simeon's and this has been a great way for people to come together and laugh and sort of rediscover this joy," said Frisch.
     Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick was also at the screening. Reflecting on how the community came together not only at the event, but all weekend.
     "The moral support means so much not just to the first responders and the city employees but to the family of the victims. I mean, it shows we live in a place worth living in," said Myrick.
     As the night came to a close, the Food Network Star found out she would be moving on to next week's challenge.
     And the Ithaca community will be doing the same. Moving forward, together.