Second Ithaca Jungle Death Sparks Concern

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Second Ithaca Jungle Death Sparks Concern

ITHACA (WENY) -- Wednesday's Jungle death of Russell Kellogg is re-sparking an ongoing issue in the Ithaca area.
     Mission workers and authorities are working to keep the homeless safe to prevent any other incidents.
     "I got a call from one of the residence of the shelter," said Carmen Guidi. "And they said that they found Russ dead in the jungle."
     Kellogg attended the grand opening of the Rescue Mission Shelter, yesterday and hours later, he was found dead making this the second death in the area in 5 months.
     "Just from knowing Russ and talking with him and i've known him for a couple of years now." says Guidi. "He struggled with depression, and I think it got the best of him."
     Frustrated with lack of options for the homeless and the constant fight to find them a place in society, Guidi says Kellogg went to the rescue mission.
     He only went When he was asked to pack up and clear his tent out of the Jungle.
     Ithaca Police say when they got to the scene, the victim was already dead near the railroad tracks.
     The cause of death has not been determined and they do not expect foul play.
     Authorities say the death was a tragedy.
     "This is their home, the people that have chosen to live there, that's there home," said Ithaca police officer Jamie Williamson. "So, you know we try to respect that. But on the same token, it's unsanitary. We have had several people die in the jungle over the last several years."
     Mayor Svante Myrick of Ithaca at the Rescue Mission Shelter grand opening says after the death of Sherman in December in the Jungle something needs to be done.
     "Rick Sherman's death was a clear end call for all of us that we have to do better that we can't ignore conditions in the jungle," says Myrick. 
     Police say they have no further information and they expect the autopsy report in a few weeks.