Sen. Schumer at Cornell

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Sen. Schumer at Cornell

     ITHACA - [WENY]     On Monday afternoon, Senator Schumer was at Cornell University to announce $100M in funding to help keep a state of the art particle accelerator laboratory open. 
          The Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Light Source lab , also known as "CHESS", will be able to continue to provide a major role in medical and scientific breakthroughs.The funding will be spread out over the next 5 years, with $20M allotted each year.
     The laboratory was in danger of closing it's doors after widespread federal cuts threatened the facility. To get the funding, Senator Schumer appealed to the National Science Foundation, and the White House office of Science and Technology to keep the important facility open.

     Senator Schumer said, "It means that the federal government believes that Cornell and the CHESS lab are worthy of substantial investment, and it means that the work done here is a national priority."
      The laboratory also provides a training ground for a scientific workforce that is in demand.
     Cornell University President Dr. David Skorton said, "CHESS also serves the entire nation by educating the next generation of accelerator and synchrotron scientists, by training more leaders in these fields then any other place, not only the nation but in the world..."
     The announced funding will also save the 130 jobs of those employed at the CHESS laboratory.