Senator Schumer Speaks Against New FDA Rule

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Senator Schumer Speaks Against New FDA Rule

HORSEHEADS (WENY) -- In just 30 days, the Food and Drug Administration may pass a rule that will directly effect breweries and farms in New York State.
     The FDA wants to regulate spent grain which will cost both industries more money.
     This rule will force breweries to either send their grain to be dried and packaged or disposed of.
     Senator Charles Schumer spoke against this proposed rule at Upstate Brewing in Horseheads.
     "That's the kind of cooperation, that drives the local economy and that's the kind of cooperation that's been around long before there even was a FDA," said Senator Schumer.
     Brewers say they don't have to burden themselves with the expense of disposing the wet grain when local farmers collect it for animal feed.
     Both industries say this is a win- win transaction and this proposed rule will only complicate things. 
     "Well I'll be calling the head of the FDA, who is actually a New yorker," said Senator Schumer. "And bringing to her attention that this is absurd."
     90% of brewers across the nation donate their spent grain to farmers for feed.
     "It's a two person interaction. It's the brewery and the farmer," said  Mark Neumann, President of Upstate Brewing. "The farmer wants it the way it is and we want it the way it is. So, why mess with it?"
     Tom Giles of Maple Valley farms says he's been receiving donated grain from Upstate Brewing since they opened in July of 2012.
     He says if this bill were to pass, he would spend roughly $100 a week on grain to feed his animals.
     "It's a good relationship, we promote his product, he promotes our product and that's what it's all about," said Giles.
     Senator Schumer says he hopes he can bring the FDA to their senses  before this rule goes into effect.