Severe Storms Hit Chemung County

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Severe Storms Hit Chemung County

July 18, 2013

 CHEMUNG COUNTY -- (WENY) A potential microburst hit Horseheads, uprooting trees and hurling a family's trampoline into another yard. The storm hit pretty hard on Rockwell Avenue. It rolled through pretty quickly but the damage it left behind was hard to believe.
     Tree's dangling by power lines, branches in front yards, and a trampoline that was thrown from Kim Harvey's house, right over the roof, landing in her neighbors backyard. 
      "Just getting home from work and someone's like ya your trampolines in my yard." Kim went on to explain, "trees everywhere it's quite scary I'm kinda glad I wasn't home with my kids."
      Jillian O'Connell was home when the storm rolled through and saw the trampoline fly over her neighbors home. "I've never seen a flying trampoline that was something." Jillian's tree in her backyard completely snapped off, crushing her fence and kids toys.
      Tim West, Landlord of a home on Rockwell Avenue, said "it came through so quick to do that much damage and other streets look like nothings ever happened but you come down this street and there's trees down everywhere."
       It was a similar scene on Vermont Avenue in Elmira Heights, when a tree fell right on top of the power lines. Donna Kennedy described the scene as though it "looked like a hurricane hit it all in one quick area more than the other end."
      The storm may be over but for these neighborhoods the clean up's just beginning. Some neighbors were even unable to stay in their homes this evening due to the destruction.