Shock Inmates Help Missed at Dunn Field

Dunn Field Misses Help from Shock Inmates

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Local municipalities are starting to feel the pinch as an end draws closer for Monterey Shock Incarceration Correction Facility in Schuyler County.
     Inmates there would typically help with projects throughout the Southern Tier, but the Facility's imminent closure was announced last year. Now, not a single inmate remains.
     The inmates would often help out at Elmira's Dunn Field, where the Pioneers play.
     "We'll definitely feel the effect this year," said Elmira Pioneers Co-Owner Don Lewis. "My partner and I talk about it weekly and now it's getting daily with the season starting next week. They would be here every day this week, helping clean the grounds, hang banners, helping getting the concourse around, get the seats clean."
      Don Lewis says they've already hired two new employees at Dunn Field to pick up the work some of the Monterey Shock inmates used to do. He says it's likely they may have to hire additional employees once the season is in full swing.
     "They would bring them down mornings and they would help clean up after the games," said Lewis. "That's something we'll have to fluctuate if we have to hire more cleaning crews to make sure the fan experience stays the same."
     Robbie Nichols, Co-Owner of the Elmira Pioneers says anywhere from 5 to 15 inmates would come to the City-owned stadium to help. He estimates that amount of work would cost the city at least $10,000.
     "The City's had a lot more involvement, it's a City owned park, so Monterey Shock was important," said Nichols. "They helped the City prepare, get the park ready and I think it'll be tougher now. The city will have to use a lot more man hours to keep up with it."
     The shock facility is scheduled to completely close in July.