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Shooting Investigation Continues

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Shooting Investigation Continues

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Police are actively searching for suspects involved in Sunday's shooting. They don't believe it was a random act. However neighbors are concerned-- the bullets hitting too close for comfort.
     Tammy Jones who lives by the scene said, " It's all children and families here."
     The suspects fled by foot and are still on the run.      
     "I'm hoping they catch him sooner than later," said Jones. "I mean it can happen again if it's someone who was in this area they were shooting at to begin with."
     Daniel Zorich home to shattered glass. His door was hit with a stray bullet.
     "It gets you about a couple hours later, 2-3 hours later all of a sudden you start getting upset about it and then you realize it's just one of them freak things," said Zorich. "It's not intentional at me or anything. What I was concerned with there's so many kids who play around out here and I heard some of them were out at the time."
     The shooting happened just blocks away from from Elmira College. Mike Rodgers, Vice President/ Cheif of Staff at the college said they warned students properly sending them e-mail notification almost immediately.
     "We're all a little more vigilant and we try to communicate with students about what they should do if they see something or how they should respond," said Rodgers.
     William Solt of the Elmira Police Department says, "It is believed that the suspects and the alleged victims knew each other. It's not believed to be a random act."
     Anyone with information is asked to contact Investigator Ellis at (607)-737-5614 or (607)-271-HALT.