"Sit and Stare" Policy

Written By: Nick Quattrini
"Sit and Stare" Policy

     HORSEHEADS - [WENY]  The Horseheads Board of Education voted on whether or not to enforce a policy that has pushback from the New York State United Teachers Organization.     
     The Horseheads School Board voted to enforce the policy, 7 to 2, citing that it is, and has been law.
     Some are calling it corporal punishment, and the New York State United Teachers organization says when a student who refuses to participate in a state assessment, is made to sit and stare at a blank desk when other students take the testing, instead of allowing the student a constructive alternative.
     New York State United Teachers called the procedure cruel, and it punishes students for decisions their parents make.
     In a statement from the Horseheads Central School District, the district outlined that they do allow students who refuse testing to read, once the first student is done with the assessment.
     The Horseheads Central School District encourages any resident who is opposed to the policy to contact their state or federal elected official.