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Snow Closes Food Pantries

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Snow Closes Food Pantries

ELMIRA (WENY) -- From businesses to schools, the snow has really put a damper on things today. Nearly all of the local food pantries in the area closed early today.
     The Samaritan Center and Salvation Army in Elmira are two of very few food pantries that remained open for their regularly scheduled hours.
     People often spread their resources pretty thin during Christmas and New Year's. One of the only reasons they come out on a day like today is for food.
     People were able to make their regular monthly stops or grab daily items like bread or baked goods. Some were getting ready to be snowed in at home because this weather is set to remain nasty until tomorrow morning.
     At the Salvation Army, they got two new clients and a handful of regular ones stocking up on things like soup.    
     The Salvation Army helps anywhere from 700 to 900 families a month.
     "Usually the first of the month it dies right down to hardly anybody, but we've seen quite a few people come through the door. I'm feeling it is because some of the other pantries closed. I've even had some of them ask me if I want some of their breads because they were closing for the day," said Daniel Rice, Pantry Coordinator.
     Dan says they plan on opening for their regular hours at 9 tomorrow. He says it's a good idea for people to plan ahead.