Snow Days Racking Up this Winter

Snow Days Rack Up this Winter

WATKINS GLEN (WENY) --It's been a long and frigid Winter to say the least and we're only about halfway through.
     "It's either freezing cold or we're dealing with road conditions and snow," said Tom Phillips, Watkins Glen Central School District Superintendent.
      Every school district builds a specific number of snow days into their calendar, to minimize the effect on student education. In Watkins Glen, they've used two snow days, and Superintendent Phillips says it's likely they'll use a third tomorrow.
     "The reality is if we have to use too many more days, we begin to decrease Spring Break that's our only option at this point," said Phillips.
     Students in the Watkins Glen Central School district have enjoyed their past two snow days but they say it's been brutal waiting for the school bus and simply going outside in the cold.
   "I feel like I need five jackets or more probably," said Andrew Likoudis.
     11th grader Justin Duane agrees, but says he'd rather deal with the cold than lose vacation days.
     "Snow days are pretty nice to have, but I mean if you have too many you won't have that much of a break during Spring, so it's good to sort of have school," said Duane.
     Watkins Glen built three snow days into their calendar, they're thinking about using a Parent Teacher Conference day as a normal school day, looking ahead to Sunday's possible snowfall. The Elmira City School District's has used one of its four snow days already built into its calendar. And in Corning-Painted Post, they've used 1 and have 6 left.
     "I mean let's be honest. We're only in the first week of February. We are in the Northeast and it's not out of the question to get a snowstorm in late March, early April," said Superintendent Phillips. "So we've got a long way to go."
     Crews are doing their final inspections of each truck and making sure the plows are ready to go.  Department leaders says they have plenty of the salt and sand mix but don't know how much will be used, that depends on the snowfall.
     Drivers will start reporting to work at 3 am Wednesday to get ready for snow clearing.  Crews will start by using pure salt first, and then switch to a 50/50 salt and sand mix to provide more traction on the streets. 

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