S.E. Steuben Co. Library Pitches New Proposal

S/E Steuben Co. Library Pitches New Plan

CORNING (WENY) -- "I like the library because they have great books for me to read," said second grader Ella Kay Bartholomew.
      She comes to the Southeastern Steuben County library regularly. It's one of her favorite places.
     "They have good movies and good people working here," said Bartholowmew.
       Two library workers were eliminated and it's no longer open on Sundays-due to a failed funding referendum last December. So, leaders went back to the drawing board.
     "It was a hard process because it was made up of obviously very difficult decisions," said Pauline Emery, Southeast Steuben Co. Library Director. "We had to reduce significantly by $100,000.
     They've cutting programs for children, teens and adults, slashed technology upgrades and bought fewer new releases for people to borrow.
     "I would say most of the books I got were here at the library. I would just come in I would spend long time just sitting here reading books without even checking them out and going home with them," said Kris Beykirch.
     Last year's failed vote sought to raise $960,000 by raising the property tax levy. Under the new plan, $786,000 would be raised through a library tax for people living in the Corning-Painted Post School District.
     That also includes more than 700 properties located in Chemung County, that are in the C-PP district lines.
     For the average home valued at $100,000, property owners would pay an addition $41 a year in taxes.
     A vote on the proposal will be held in October. Over the next several months, library leaders plan on taking an active approach and educating people about how the new plan would work, if passed.