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Steuben Co. ADA Announces Candidacy For Judge’s Seat

Matthew McCarthy

       CORNING---(WENY) Steuben County Assistant District Attorney Matthew McCarthy announced Wednesday that he will be seeking the Judge's seat in the upcoming election.
     If elected, McCarthy would serve for 10 years on the bench.
     This comes after current Corning City Court Judge David Kahl, announced he'd be stepping down April 30th.
     McCarthy talks about what he hopes to get done if elected, saying, "Well I know that code enforcement's been an issue, so I'm really going educate myself on that aspect of it, more than I have. And that's an issue for the city right now, as well as my criminal background with the District Attorney's Office, has allowed me to work with different police agencies, so I thin that's going to bring a lot to the position."
     McCarthy will be on the ballot in time for the primaries this June.