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Steuben Co. Miracle Baby Home

Steuben Co. Miracle Baby Home
BATH (WENY) -- Baby Noah has spent more time in the hospital than he's been at his home in Bath. At just ten days old, his mother Jessica noticed something was off.
     "She called me and she said, he's sweating, and of course babies don't sweat," said his aunt, Angel Naylor-Clark.
     Baby Noah was cold, and panting, with a temperature of 96 degrees. Jessica rushed him to the hospital, where he was then transferred to Strong Memorial in Rochester.
      "It's the worst thing you could ask if he's gonna be ok and they couldn't tell me," said Jessica.
     Noah was in liver failure from a bad infection. He was rushed by plane to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburg and put on a donor list for a new liver.
     The right person had to be the same blood type, young, and  in good health. That's where his Aunt Cheavon comes in.
     "I knew my blood type I knew right away," said Cheavon. I would be alright for blood and everything, if he needed that. I didn't even know I was a match until they did the testing--in 24 hours."
     Most people have months to prepare for that kind of testing, but the clock was ticking. Jessica says Noah had about three days.
     So, at just three weeks old, Noah went under the knife, along with Cheavon - who donated 25-percent of her liver to save her nephew's life. The surgeries went well for both.
     "We love her, I love her," said Jessica.
     After three months in Pittsburg, Noah is back home,  taking nine medications a day, and getting blood work every week. His immune system is weak, but his body hasn't rejected Cheavon's liver.
     His family's taking things day by day. Both Cheavon and Noah have to go back to Pittsburg for follow up appointments next month. Noah will have to go back at least every year for the rest of his life.
     If you want to learn more about Noah's story his family has set up a Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Love-for-Baby-Noah/444073392367757
     You can also help them with medical expenses at: http://www.gofundme.com/4rwlsg