Steuben Co. Shared Services Agreement

Steuben Co. Shared Services

BATH (WENY) -- Throughout the Twin Tiers many local municipalities have had to do more with less.  In Steuben County, the Department of Public Works has been working with local towns and villages for years. However, now, they've formalized things and signed a written shared services agreement.
     The County's Public Works Commissioner, Vince Spagnoletti compared the shared services agreement to neighbors helping neighbors. 41 towns and villages are expected to sign off on for services the county's been providing for years. The services are worth more than a million dollars a year, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars.
     "You have to work together to get the work done, that's the main thing," said Spagnoletti. "Neighbor working with a neighbor to get more work done."
     270 workers within municipalities take care of work that needs to be done spanning over 2,500 miles within the county. That's the distance from Bath to San Francisco.
     Spagnoletti compared sharing services to cover all that land to loaning a ladder to a neighbor who doesn't have one that's tall enough.
     "So they can get work done that they wouldn't ordinarily get one or maybe wouldn't get done at all or would have to pay a high price to a rental agency," said Spagnoletti.
     "Steuben county has helped us over the past several years," said Pat Muller, Town of Bath Highway Department Supervisor. "Paving a couple of our roads with their paving crew helped out tremendously with our town budget."
     The agreement lasts five years. Caton is the only town within the county that hasn't signed off yet; however, Spagnoletti thinks they'll do so at their upcoming town meeting.
     Governor Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly called on local governments to consolidate and even offered tax relief. However, because this agreement was in the works before his proposal, the county is still looking for ways to get that credit. You can call the Spagnoletti with ideas at (607) 664-2474.