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Teen Arrested for Providing Alcohol

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Teen Arrested for Providing Alcohol

STEUBEN COUNTY (WENY) --  Recent arrests in Steuben County are a sad reminder of a tragedy that took the lives of four people, 7 years ago.
     "We've just had some terrible things happen here in Steuben County in recent years," said Brooks Baker, Steuben County District Attorney.
     In 2007, 3 underage Jasper-Troupsberg students and one graduate were killed when one decided to take the wheel after a night of drinking. Years later, investigators question if history could repeat itself.
     This past Fall, a high school student was killed after allegedly leaving a party serving alcohol near Painted Post.
     On June 18, 2014, a Jasper Troupsberg school board member was arrested for allegedly hosting minors where alcohol was being served.
     Police say 47-year-old Lisa Tracy held many get-togethers at her home in Greenwood, where she allowed dozens of high school students to drink underage, numerous times.
     "Not every gathering involved consuption of alcohol," said New York State Police Senior Investigator Kurt Eaton. "It is not like this is the way it was all the time. We're told she had team dinners before games, after games."
     Lisa Tracy, Vice President of the Jasper-Troupsburg school board  is charged with Criminal Nuisance and Endangering the Welfare of a Child for allegedly letting minors drink alcohol in her home repeatedly. Police say she didn't actually provide it.
     "Some parents operate under the belief that if it happens in my house, it's safer. If I invite the kids here it's better than them drinking in the field and makes it a more controlled situation," said Baker. "The reality is, that it's not more controlled and bad things happen."
     Police got wind of the drinking instances, by a tip that came through from the New York State Child Abuse Hotline.
     After a five month long investigation and multiple interviews  police have arrested 18-year-old Tyler VanSkiver for reportedly providing the alcohol.
    Police say ways alcohol gets into the hands of minors here in the area, include minors using fake identification, stealing alcohol from their own homes, or asking people 21 and up to buy it for them.
     They are still investigating this particular instance. You can call in tips to the Bath State Police barracks at (607)776-6866.