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Steuben Co. Woman Missing: One Week Later

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Steuben Co. Woman Missing: One Week Later

BATH (WENY) -- 40-year-old Bobbi Jo Hatter went missing a week ago on March 19, but friends and family aren't giving up hope just yet. They joined together to post fliers around town with Hatter's picture and a number to call if anyone has seen.
     "She is a wonderful mother, a grandmother, she raised her grandson, whom she loves more than life itself," said Bobbi Jo's sister, Marcia Bentley.
     Friends and family describe Hatter as a typical happy-go-lucky woman. They say she would never intentionally leave her family without telling them.
     "We just know she had a nervous breakdown, she was going through a lot of stuff," said Bentley. "She's lost a lot over the last 17 years. She went through the death of their son."
     Investigators took to the neighborhood last Wednesday to try and find Hatter. She was last seen walking in a confused state in the middle of Chamberlain Road in Kanona.
     "The fact that we have not found any evidence that she was not forced to go anywhere against her will or any kind of foul play had occurred keeps it going as a person who is not yet found," said Steuben County Undersheriff Jim Allard. "We'll continue to follow leads and follow the investigation. We have two different investigators following up on two different leads today."
     The family is hoping those leads will bring Bobbie Jo back where she belongs.
     "Bobbi Jo, your family wants you to know we love you and we want you to come home honey," pleaded Aunt Molly Wakefield. "That's all there is to it. We don't care what the circumstances are.  We miss you. We love you."
     Friends and family members are hosting a vigil for Hatter as well. They say prayers are going a long way.