String of Ithaca Burglaries Continues

String of Ithaca Burglaries Continue

ITHACA, NY (WENY) -- A butcher shop, a convenience store, a sailing shop and a subway.
     Thieves in Ithaca hit those stores or at least tried to four times in the past three days.
     On Monday, Ithaca Police arrested 23 year old Johnathan Dobbs. They say he triggered the alarm system at John's Convenience Store on West State Street while trying to break in through the front door.
     While that suspect may have been caught, the question remains..
     Are there others responsible for three other break- ins that happened in the city over the last two days?
     "Whenever you see a spike or an increase in a certain type of crime, generally what you're looking at you're focusing on a small group or an individual," says Chief Kathy Zoner of the Cornell Police.
     "These types of burglaries, they seem to be well planned out and they're getting away with it obviously and therefore it's not their first time, I'm sure," said Sheriff Kenneth Lansing of Tompkins County Sheriff's Office.
     Ithaca PD, Cornell PD and Tompkins County Sheriff's Office have teamed up on the investigation.
     And they say a few arrests have been made but there still work ahead.. So until they've narrowed in on the prime suspects, they are warning local businesses.
     "The monies that are inside your business, you need to take them home at night," said Sheriff Lansing. "You really do. I know that it can be an inconvenience but getting burglarized is a far more inconvenience."
     And that's what workers at Collegetown Wine and Spirits on College Ave does every night before closing up shop.
     "One thing is you gotta give off the appearance that you don't have anything here to give anyone. So what we like to do is when we close up, all the money gets out of here and we leave all these up like that," said Denis Omanodic, worker at Collegetown Wine and Spirits. "So, if we have someone who wants to break in they can clearly see that the registers open up and chances are there's nothing in there."
     If you have any information on the recent break ins call Ithaca Police at 272-9973 or Crime Stoppers at 697-0333.