Students Working to End Bullying

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Students Working to End Bullying

February 11, 2014

     ELMIRA (WENY) -- Finding ways to end bullying was one of the goals behind this year's youth summit at the YWCA in Elmira.

     More than 100 students from schools all over Chemung and Steuben Counties spent the day at the center.  The students came up with three main solutions to stop bullying and put together a plan of action.

     Students say the biggest place for bullying is Twitter, even more than Facebook. Some of them shared their thoughts on what they can take from the summit to their own schools.

     "If we get the students more involved instead of having just teachers and assemblies with older people who have witnessed it, then I think it will be a better end result," says Hunter Hansen, a Southside senior.

     "Not only do sticks and stones break your bones but words can hurt.  Maybe if it's not hurting you, it's hurting someone else and that needs to be taken into account," Brandon Torelli told WENY News.

     "If you're not trying to stop it you're never going to be able to stop it," says Maia Kunzman.

    Some of their solutions included a color fight and painting a mural to raise awareness.  Students say the next step is putting their plans into action.