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Summer Scorchers Begin

Summer Scorcher Begins

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Ready or not, the Summer swelter starts now. July is here and so is the heat.Temperatures climbed in to the 90's for the first time this Summer.
     "You do what you can to stay cool. Always keep water on you," said Josh Woodard, a trimmer with the City of Elmira's Buildings and Grounds Department.
     For these Crews, the grass is definitely greener, after months and months of plowing and salting roads this Winter.
     Magee Park is just one of over 50 places city crews trim every month - a grueling task on a day like today.
     "You have a lot of people complaining that the grass is high, so you gotta do what you can to keep up with it," said Woodard.
     Crews from Atlantic Testing Labs are also hard at work on Elmira's Southside for a project that'll likely take the whole Summer.      Bill Edmister, Assistant Operations Manager says he's constantly looking out for signs of heat stroke.
      "We definitely want to keep people hydrated and notice if they show any signs of heat exhaustion, heat stroke or anything like that," said Edmister. "Make sure they have plenty of drinking water.  And that if they do get into that situation that we get them out of the sun and take appropriate action to get them cooled down."
     Crews from Atlantic Testing Labs are replacing the traffic signal on South Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue and have several other projects throughout the city as well.
     Despite the hot weather expected to stick around for a while, it's more than just getting the job done for Building and Grounds' Josh Woodard.
    "It's fun helping the people. When you get done you can look at everything and know you did good," said Woodard. "You can drive through the city and say I did that."
     Peak heat hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Other heat related illnesses include heat cramps, heat rash and heat exhaustion.
     If there is a heat emergency, call 911 and try to cool the victim down until emergency responders arrive.