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Suspicious Activity in Lansing

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Suspicious Activity in Lansing

LANSING -- [WENY] Police have reports of possibly two men approaching and following elementary school-kids in the area.
     They say a man in a bluish colored car may have tried to lure 8-year-old boy into the car while he was waiting for the bus.
     There's another report of a man getting out of a similar car -- and trying to talk to two boys at Lansing park.
     Police and the Lansing Central School District are asking people in the area to be vigilant and proactive.
     The acting superintendent, Chris Pettograsso has sent three letters home to parents, and posted them on this district website about suspicious activity first reported on Tuesday.
     "We're just trying to make sure that we're being proactive, our kids are safe, our community is safe and we're just working together to make sure that happens," said Pettograsso.
     The Tompkins County Sheriff's Office is investigating.
     "We have few reports of suspicious person or persons driving what we we believe is a blueish colored sedan car that may be approaching kids or students in the area of Lansing and Groton," Captain Brett George, Tompkins County Sheriff's Office.
     Police say they have a description for two different men.
     One in his late 20's, white, with dark hair.
     The second: an older man in his fities or sixties, white, with black hair.
     The superintendent says the boys did exactly as they have been taught in school.
     "Immediately one of the boys picked up his phone contacted mom and the man jogged away got into his car and left," said Pettograsso.
     Police are calling on people in the area to report any suspicious incidents immediately.
Anyone with information can call the Tompkins County Sheriff's Office or Sheriff's anonymous tip line at (607) 266-5420.