New York Taking Next Step to Tackle Prescription Drug Abuse

PRescription drugs
 (WENY) - Prescription drug abuse... A problem that has swept across the US even being called an epidemic. But New York State is taking action.
Its called I-STOP, Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing. New York the first state to mandate that physicians must consult a database of a patient's prescription history before prescribing a controlled substance. The State office of Attorney General reported there were nearly 15,000 deaths nationwide in 2008 from painkiller overdose.
“When I write a script my nurses will check this. So when I write someone a script they can go on I stop and see exactly how many scripts they've gotten for the year and who they've got them from. So if I found out someone got a script form their primary care last week,  don't have to give it to them, so it helps us monitor whose getting them,” says Arnot Heath Nurse Practitioner, Eileen Felter.