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Target Breach Hits Home

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Target Breach Hits Home

BIG FLATS (WENY) -- Doug Rich went to Target like hundreds of other people on Saturday to Christmas shop. Two days later, he learned someone tried to use his debit card for a $430 purchase in Brooklyn. Fortunately, his bank didn't authorize the transaction.
     He joins over 40 million Target customers' whose identities could be on the line.
     "It's the most wonderful time of the year for crooks, you know what I mean? Because this is when all the scams are going on and everyone is busy shopping and doesn't have time to look at their accounts, until it's too late," said Rich.
     Target says the breach didn't impact pin numbers, so no one can visit an ATM with a fraudulent card and withdraw cash. Target has no indication the breach compromised social security numbers or birth dates. The CVV data that may have been impacted was data in the magnetic strip and not the three or four-digit code visible on the back of your card.
     Target also has started sending emails out to shoppers who made purchases between  November 27th and December 15th with additional information.
      Target wants to reassure guests they will not be held financially responsible for any credit or debit card fraud. If you see any suspicious account activity over the next several months, report it to your bank or credit card company immediately, and call Target at 866-852-8680.