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The Cold and Your Immunity

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
The Cold and Your Immunity

BIG FLATS (WENY) -- Winter is the common cold season; however, it isn't actually the cold weather that causes these sicknesses, it's what we do when it gets cold out.
We saw a nice weekend warm up, but temperatures are back down to the 20s today. Many of us went from simply wearing a sweatshirt to whipping out that Winter coat once again this morning.
     And when it gets this cold outside-- we rush indoors where we're breathing the same air as other people, often in close quarters. We're sharing germs with people sometimes coughing and sneezing right next to us. You get sick from those viruses, not the temperature.
     And for people already with weak immune systems, they're more susceptible.
     "You have to be exposed to a virus or a bacteria to become sick in the first place," said Physician's Assistant Jenilee Foster. "The worry is the people that have the lower immune system, the people who have the underlying health issues, the people that are severe brittle diabetics or Asthma or COPDs that they have an increased risk of getting ill with a virus or a bacteria."
     Foster says make sure you're washing your hands often, getting lots of rest and keeping hydrated.