The Shot Heard Around NY

SAFE Act Protest

       BATH---(WENY) It's been a year since the New York SAFE ACT became law and despite back lash from many, the law still stands and local gun supporters are still fighting back.
     It's called the Shot heard Around New York State, reminiscent of the Shot heard 'round the world- when during the American Revolution, British Soldiers came in the middle of the night to confiscate American's firearms and ammunition. To many New Yorkers, last year's late night passing of the SAFE ACT was the exact same thing.
      Steuben County Sheriff David Cole said, "What I feel they did with the safe act was, they took the guns out of the law abiding citizens and allowed the criminals to still posess the same weapons."
       The Bath Rod and Gun Club is joining the Spingville Field and Stream Club in Erie County, New York, along with an estimated 25,000+ gun owners throughout the state on Saturday- all ready to sound off in protest to the year old gun control law.
      Bath Rod and Gun Club President, Bob Yorio says,"I'd like to see as many people involved as possible, just to let the state know that we do care what is happening to our 2nd ammendment and we certainly don't want anything infringed on our rights."
      Currently the New York SAFE Act bans the sale of assault rifles and requires current owners to register their weapons with the New York State Police.
      Just last week a federal judge ruled in favor the SAFE Act provisions, saying they are constitutional because they are "related to achieving an important governmental interest".
      However, the restriction on gun owners to only use seven rounds in 10 bullet magazines was struck down.
       It's a small feet according to some, that doesn't begin to scratch the surface. Hesselson's Sporting Goods Manager, Paul Perine says, "Striking it from seven rounds back to 10 is really not much of a win for the gun lobby. It was a poorly conceived idea to begin with an very unenforceable."
      And speaking of ammunition, many feel the provision calling for background checks on ammo purchases is unnecessary and will drive up the cost.
     Les Brown, Former President of the Bath Rod and Gun Club says,"It's unnecessary for the ammunition, I mean if I wanna buy a box of .22's I'll go to PA and not pay a $20 fee for a check."
     The protest will be held this Saturday, January 11, 2014. A single symbolic shot will be fired at the Bath Rod and Gun Club and any other participating gun clubs in New York State at 12:00pm.