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The Super Shoveler of Elmira

Written By: Kellie Meyer
The Super Shoveler of Elmira

February 6, 2014

ELMIRA (WENY) -- He's the superhero of the sidewalks. The super shoveler of Elmira.
     "I'm shoveling, helping people out with their sidewalks and driveways and getting some money."
     That's 11 year old Chavez Jordan of Elmira. Who took a regular snow day and made it into a lucrative day.
     "Kellie: So how did you do today? Chavez: Um, I did pretty good actually. Kellie: Yah? How much did you make so far? Chavez: I made $20.52."
     Chavez woke up and saw his block was completely snow covered. Instead of waiting for the plows, this 5th grader at Big Flats grabbed his shovel and got to work. Turning it into a way to help his neighbors and make a little extra cash. The epitome of entrepreneurship. A future business leader of America.
     "I gotta buy me a phone card," said Chavez.
     And not only did he help plow the neighborhood, he helped saved me when my car got stuck in the middle of the road. The driveway was too snow covered to pull down and the side roads were too snowy to park. But not to worry. it was super shoveler to the rescue and I was quickly saved by an 11 year old with a mean arm.
     "I helped one house so far and helped you get unstuck," said Chavez.
     Proving that in times of need or distress people really do come together. And a little act of kindness goes a long way. So if you're ever in need of a shovel or your car gets stuck. Call Chavez. He's certain to be there when you need him.
     Kellie Meyer WENY News.