Tioga County False Alarm

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Tioga County False Alarm

     RICHFORD, N.Y. - [WENY]     People living in a small town in northern Tioga County, NY got quite the scare yesterday, and they were left confused, and on edge after receiving automated evacuation calls. Those calls came from the Tioga County's reverse 911 system. But the alerts were inadvertently triggered by mistake.
     On Thursday
, local fire departments handed out flyers to Richford residents, warning them about the possibility of an evacuation near Owego Creek. But then on Thursday night, the county accidentally triggered a reverse 911 message, telling residents to evacuate and seek shelter at the Newark Valley High School. Shortly after that, a second 911 message was sent out informing them the first call was a false alarm.
     On Friday, the Tioga County Office of Emergency Management says there were reports of a possible breach at the dam, but residents were never in danger.
Friday morning, crews could be seen working at the Valley View Pond Dam, which is on private property. Officials again want to reassure neighbors the dam does not appear to be at risk of failing.