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Tioga County Potential Water Hazard

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Tioga County Potential Water Hazard

August 22, 2014

TIOGA COUNTY (WENY) - People in Tioga County, New York got a scare Thursday night when they were told to evacuate following reports of a potential water hazard in a nearby dam. 
     An inadvertent message was sent to Richford area telephones through the Tioga County Dispatch Center's reverse 911 systems telling people to evacuate. Officials say this was a false alarm, the message was only programmed for possible future use. But the potential water hazard itself, was true. 
     Thursday night, members of the Richford Fire Department starting passing out flyers to let residents in the area know about a potential water hazard involving the Valley View Pond dam.
     The fire department, police officers, emergency management, and local elected officials all met with concerned residents to explain the situation.
     Officials plan to begin the process of siphoning water from the Valley View Pond early Friday morning in an effort to reduce the water hazard at the dam.
     For further information contact the Tioga County Sheriff's Department at 607-687-1010.