Tom Reed on State of State

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Tom Reed on State of State

January 13, 2014

WELLSBURG (WENY) -- Congressman Tom Reed is happy with the governor's proposals on upstate manufacturing in his State of the State speech.
     We talked with the Congressman this morning and he says looking forward to the jobs the promise of upstate manufacturing can create. He says he's supportive of those policies and he's glad to see the Governor embracing that policy. Reed says the number one problem in upstate New York is jobs.
     Reed says, "when I heard the Governor's proposals in regards to focusing on upstate manufacturing and creating an environment upon which upstate manufacturing can be
competitive to create the jobs of today and tomorrow by building it here and selling it there, I'm on board with that."
     Reed says he'll stand with Governor Cuomo to make sure it gets done.