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Top Champagnes Under $11

Written By: Candice Cole
Top Champagnes

      If it's one thing New Year's Eve means, it's popping open the bubbly.
     And, whether sweet or dry, pricey or a little more economical, there's a little something for everyone to celebrate the new year.
      And if you've got a buget to stick to, thrilllist.com has a list of the top five champagnes under $11.00.
     They've rated them all from 1-10 on Popability, Drinkability, and Aftertaste.
      Topping the list is Almondage with an overal rating of 8.6, scoring a perfect 10 in popalbility. Coming in 5th place was Andre Champagne, and J. Roget got a big fat zero in popability.
     GCP Store Manager, Gene Losey said, "The biggest sellers right now are probably the ones under $12 and a bit less. Once you get under 12-they're pretty consisently the same I think."
      The other champagnes to make the list were Cooks Champagne and Korbel.