Tornado Destroys Homes In Northern Tier

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Tornado Destroys Homes In Northern Tier

NEW ALBANY (WENY) -- As our First Warning Weather Team reported last night, strong winds hit parts of Bradford County damaging homes and land in it's wake.
     The National Weather Service confirmed today that it was an EF1 magnitude tornado.
     Just before 6PM Tuesday night, New Albany resident Krista Teel was just getting in from work as the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning.
     She says as she was getting ready to hunker down, the EF1 magnitude tornado hit.
     "As soon as I got to the top of my steps, all I could hear was the crack and it hit the house," said Teel. "It was an unbelievable noise."
     Teel says because she lives on the top of a mountain, strong winds aren't uncommon.
     But after seeing the aftermath of the tornado the next morning, she's shocked no one was hurt.
     "For the yard to be cleaned up, that's nothing," said Teel. "To be a live and well. That's priceless."
     Just a few miles out from New Albany In Laddsburg, Tuesday night's winds reached 100 MPH.
     Damaging homes and ripping up land.
     Chris Finan, who lives on Marsh Road, says he lost power but there was no structural damage to the house.
     "The radar looked liked it was to the west of us," said Finan. "That's why we weren't in the basement when it hit but as soon as we saw it coming, we ran into the basement as fast as we could."
     But other residents weren't so lucky.
     Just a few yards away the tornado tore right through a home, completely destroying their horse barn,
     The strong winds caused the barn to break apart and pieces of it can be seen here in the neighbors trees and scattered across a field.
     The Red Cross was out surveying the area earlier today and they said so far they've only had to put up two people last night.