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Towanda 2014 Budget

Written By: Jennifer Sheahen
towanda 2014 budget
December 02, 2013
TOWANDA--[WENY]--Just a few weeks ago Towanda was facing a $20,000 dollar budget shortfall for 2014.
    Tonight, the gap was filled and the budget is now balanced.
      The shortfall was mainly due to general increases in the boroughs labor costs And the addition of two full-time police officers.
      Towanda's City Manager resolved the issue with a few simple cuts saying,
 "The original proposal had eight full-time officers budgeted, during our budget work sessions we decided to only have seven full-time officers, and fill the rest of the hours with part-time officers." 
  Good news for Towanda's tax payers, they won't see a tax increase.
     The budget is now up for public review, the final vote is to pass at a special meeting on December 26th at 6:30.