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Town of Veteran Comprehensive Plan

Town of Veteran Comprehensive Plan

     VETERAN, NY - [WENY]     On Monday night, the Town of Veteran Comprehensive Plan Committee held a public hearing. In 2010, the town surveyed its residents, and their input is what molded the plan draft.
     Chelsea Robertson, Planning Consultant with Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board talked about the survey saying, "The overall arching topic was maintaining that rural way of life."   
     Once the comprehensive plan is finalized, and approved, it will provide a roadmap for the town and it's residents to achieve their vision. The 100 plus page draft plan contains dozens of recommendations that span from utilities, and land use. One group of recommendations is focused on water resources, and especially flood prevention.
     Flooding last year wreaked havoc all over Route 14, with water flowing over roads, and eroding land around the creeks and streams. For the future, drafted recommendation plans will insure adequate drainage for culverts and ditches, and limited development within known floodplains.       
       To read the full draft, go to http://www.veterancomprehensiveplan.org/, the public is welcome to come to the Veteran Town Board meeting on May 15th to learn more about the plan.