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Trout Stocking in Post Creek

Trout Stocking In Post Creek


CORNING (WENY) -- Many rivers are stocked yearly to jump start the fishing season. It was a cool spring day in Steuben County where more than twenty volunteers came out to stock up the streams and creeks.
     Volunteers carried white fish filled buckets down to Post Creek where they then dumped them in the water and watched as the fish swam in a natural stream for the very first time.
     "Just getting the buckets of fish and they just splash you in the face and you dump them in, it's fun." says Lindsey, a first time volunteer from Horseheads.
     The first step in trout fish stocking begins at the Bath Fish Hatchery where rainbow and brown trout are raised.
     Large trucks take the fish to various streams throughout Chemung, Schuyler and Steuben counties to replenish the water.
     "There's two sizes. There's the yearling fish that comes to probably about 8,9 inches and two year old fish are about 14.15 inches long," says Don Walker, Fish Stocking Chairman of Chemung County.
     Walker comes out every year to make sure the streams are ready  for those who eagerly wait for the start of the season.
     "For the fisherman," says Walker. "They can fish or throw them back. That's okay too."
     Workers depend heavily on volunteers to help them with the task.
     Max Schaar a Fisheries Biology and Aquaculture student at Mansfield University of PA and first time volunteer says he plans to come back out again next year.
     "I've never put fish into a stream before, said Schaar and i'm on spring break and this is the best part of my spring break."
     Fishing Season begins April 1st and workers say you are bound to make a catch.