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Un-Affordable Healthcare

Written By: Candice Cole
Unaffordable Healthcare

      The Affordable Health Care Act has been a huge benefit for a majority of people. Kids can now stay on their parent's health plans until their 26. And now, people with pre-existing conditions can't be denied coverage. But, like anything else, it has its draw backs.
     Now, some people are being kicked off of their regular health insurance plans- something President Obama promised wouldn't happen when he first proposed his healthcare plan.
     It's meant some people, like those working for small businesses that can no longer afford to offer health coverage are slipping through the cracks, unable to afford health insurance in the new marketplace and ineligible for Medicare or Medicaid. People like substitute teacher Christine Ward. She says, " I just received a notice that I make $10.00 too much a month to qualify for Medicaid."
     It's forcing some people to for go health insurance altogether. In fact a recent poll from Gallup.com says 28% of uninsured Americans plan to stay that way, taking a hit of about $97.00 the first year, which is set to increase exponentially in 2015.
     Christine says her plan currently is $308.00 a month with a $1200.00 deductible, the new plan is $390.00 a month, with a deductible of about $3,000.00.
     That is almost triple the amount of what it would normally be for Christine. And, not to mention, the near hundred dollar monthly increase. That alone could be enough to make even already insured people turn their backs on coverage. Potentially adding to the 30% of Americans who choose to for go medical treatment because of the cost, according to Gallup.com.
     Christine lamented, "I thought this was supposed to be an affordable health plan and apparently...it's not."
     There is no word yet on whether any more changes will be made to alleviate costs.Open enrollment in the health insurance market place has been extended to March 31st, 2014.