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UPDATE: Elmira Shooting and Gas Leak

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
UPDATE: Elmira Shooting and Gas Leak

ELMIRA -- [WENY] In the aftermath of tuesday's double shooting and gas leak on Elmira's west side, Elmira police aren't saying a whole lot. They are trying to assure people in the area it's still a safe neighborhood. 
     Sergeant Dacey says they're still actively investigating Tuesday's shooting and gas leak. He confirmed that the gas leak was from an appliance being left on. Though he can't say for sure, he says it's probable that it happened during the scuffle.
     The victim's landlord- who I spoke to yesterday- and is good friends with his tenant tells me the gas range was flipped on and didn't ignite during the fight-- hence the smell of gas.
     Police confirmed that one person was released from the hospital and one is still there. They would not release the patient's conditions.
     No arrests have been made, but police say it does not appear to be a random shooting and that there were key players involved.
     Police are still looking for witnesses to help with the investigation. If you have information you can call the detective bureau at 737-5610 or the anonymous tip line at 271-HALT