Upstate Brewing Planning Expansion

Upstate Brewing Planning Expansion
HORSEHEADS (WENY) -- Upstate Brewing in Horseheads is dealing with what they're calling a "good problem."
    Since they opened two years ago their beer has been in high demand. They distribute across the state to close to 50 places. This past week, 35 Wegman's locations made space for them on their shelves.
     They plan on more than doubling their tap room, and making space for more tanks.
     "We need more capacity we have way more orders than we can fill at this moment with the equipment that we have," said President, Mark Neumann.
     Upstate has also seen an increase in business in their taproom.
     "We've increased our hours and therefore, we also have increased demand," said Neumann. "It's just the easiest thing to do, to build a new taproom and go from there."
     As it stands, the project has been reviewed by Horseheads officials. The Chemung Planning Board will be reviewing the plan on July 24.