Village of Horseheads Tax Cap Precautions

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Village of Horseheads Tax Cap Precautions

January 30, 2014

VILLAGE OF HORSEHEADS (WENY) -- The Village of Horseheads is preparing in case they have to override the state tax cap in their next budget.
     In their meeting this morning, village leaders discussed the possibility of going over the state's 1.4% tax cap. They say it's too soon to tell if they'll go over. But they passed a resolution today to make sure they don't get penalized if they do.
     The tax cap for villages was 2%. Village Manager Walter Herbst says that makes it more difficult to stay within the tighter tax cap proposed by the Governor.
     Herbst said, "it should have no effect. We may have to exceed the tax and if we did it would be by very little so the impact would be hopefully very insignificant."
     We'll be following up with Herbst when he returns from the New York Conference of Mayors which is on February 9th.