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Visibility Issues as Snow Piles Up

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Visibility Issues as Snow Piles Up

ELMIRA (WENY) -- This Winter's snowfall has really done a number on some of the streets and parking lots in Elmira, most notably in Langdon Plaza.
     "The parking lots been a mess," said Christopher Willsey, of Vincenzo's Pizzeria. "Half the time people don't even park in real parking spots. I've seen a couple accidents out there so far. All the snow piles, people can't really see where they're going."
     There's a huge snow pile at least ten feet tall toward the edge of the parking lot closer to Church and Main Streets.
     "I think it's probably bad for the businesses because you can't see the signs unless you know what's here," said Barbara Miller.
     Willsey says he doesn't think it's been slowing down business at Vincenzo's because they get a lot of foot traffic. But, it is a concern at Mr. Panosian's. Owner, David Panosian says the pile is covering his signs up.
     "I think it's far enough from the traffic and the corner it's not an issue for traffic, unlike that one at the post office," said David Panosian.
     He says plows came through yesterday and pushed the mound so they got five parking spaces back.
     The mound he talked about by the post office is by Gray Street and the Clemens Center Parkway. Some people across the street at the bus station say they've seen cars slowing down and it's only a matter of time before they think there's gonna be an accident there.
     "It's a hazard to get past the intersection if you're not seeing the results from the snow piling up, so it's kind of a danger to citizens, pedestrians and people driving in their cars," said Loulu Oma.
     The city's responsible for plowing city roads not plaza's or properties. Right now about 20 of their plows are out in force, working around the clock with safety as the number one concern.    
   "You wanna make sure that when you're piling that snow that you're not blocking the line of sight for drivers," said Brian Beasley, Acting Director, Elmira Dept. of Public Works. "You wanna make sure it's safe and by pushing that snow when it's in the way, there could be an issue where codes comes in and issue a violation for that and have it removed." 
     Rocco Picarazzi, Elmira's Director of Code Enforcement says once a property is notified of that type of violation, they get a certain amount of time to change it. Otherwise, the city cleans it and charges them based on time spent and equipment used.