Food Bank Accepting Venison Donations

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Food Bank Accepting Venison Donations

November 13, 2013

ELMIRA -- (WENY) Deer Hunting season starts this Saturday, but for hunters who don't want to keep the meat, they can donate it to someone in need. 
     The Food Bank of the Southern Tier is partnering once again with the Venison Donation Program to help those in need this hunting season. One deer feeds approximately 160 servings of ground venison to those in need. Legally tagged and properly field dress deer can be taken to participating processors. And this is at no cost to the hunter. 
     "We welcome hunters who are gathering more than enough meat that they won't need just for their families or they have a full deer and can't eat it all to go ahead and donate some of that," said Melissa Knowles, Food Sourcing Manager. "In one of our counties, we're required to do a survey of the clients who receive it and they love it, they love it probably more than ground beef. It goes over really, really well with them."
     Last year the food bank had just over 6,500 pounds in donated venison. For a link for more info on how to donate, and a list of participating processors, click here: