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Jeremy Alderson Hearing

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Jeremy Alderson Hearing

READING-- [WENY] An anti-fracking protestor may be close to getting justice.
     The Judge heard defense motions of defense for Jeremy Alderson's not guilty plea and set a court date.
     Alderson faces trespassing charges for his protest against the company planning to store liquid gas in salt caverns on the banks of Seneca Lake.
     Jeremy Alderson pleaded not guilty back in September, and now he'll have a chance to plead his case.
     He was charged with trespassing after he and two others chained themselves to a gate at the entrance to Inergy Midstream's operation in Redding.
     The two others plead guilty, one paid a fine and the other refused and went to jail for 8 and half days.
     Alderson's defense tried to have the Judge recused for conflict of interest with the properties the Judge owns with land leases.
     The Judge says the property is now owned by his son in law and daughter.
     The Defense lawyer is also trying to prove Alderson was trying to stop imminent danger to Seneca Lake.
     "This is a danger and we're saying 'we're not guilty we're trying to prevent a catastrophe,'" said Alderson. "And the fact that we trespassed to do it it should be considered of no more importance than the fact if you break down someone's door to put out a fire."
     The trial date is set for May second at 10:00 a.m.