Anti-Fracking Celebs Visit Northern Tier

Anti-Fracking Celebs Visit Northern Tier


SUSQUEHANNA CO. (WENY) -- Some big name celebrities were in the Northern Tier Thursday to see the effects of the natural gas industry firsthand.

Yoko Ono, her son Sean Lennon and actress Susan Sarandon were in Susquehanna County on what they called a "fact finding field trip." They visited gas wells, compressor stations and neighborhoods to speak with residents affected by hydro-fracking.

The trio, which formed the group "Artists Against Fracking," have pledged to fight any plans to bring hydro-fracking to New York state. They say the drilling method threatens air quality, local aquifers and overall human health.

Ono, Lennon and Sarandon are asking for a meeting with Governor Cuomo.

Natural gas industry represenatives were there for the trip, saying the three activists are overlooking the benefits of fracking.