Written By: Renata Stiehl
2012 Election Coverage Part 1

Posted are the UNOFFICIAL results, as provided by Boards of Elections across the Twin Tiers. Winners are indicated in red.


County Clerk:
Catherine K. Hughes (D,C) - 22,969

County Legislator:
Neil Milliken (R,C)- 1,886

Town of Ashland Council (3yr unexpired term):
Chad McDonald - 188

Chemung Town Justice (vote for 2):
Douglas A. Vaughn (D,R,C) - 674
Wesley A. Dibble (R)- 430
Karl Bowers (C)- 426

Town of Erin Justice:
Richard C. Woolever (R) - 527

Town of Southport Justice:
Steven T. Milford (R) - 2,788

Village of Horseheads Justice:
Louis E. Tarantelli (R,C) - 1,931

Horseheads Village Trustee (vote for 2):
Ronald R. Swartz (R) - 1,727
Mike Skroskznik (R,C,I) - 1,906

Library District Proposition:
Proposition number 1: Shall the 2013 Library District budget, as submitted by the Board of Trustees of the Chemung  County Library District, be approved and shall the Board of Trustees be authorized to expend the sum of $2,578,808 for the year January 1 - December 31, 2013, and further shall the Board of Trustees be authorized to instruct the County of Chemung to levy and collect on its behalf for the financing of library district operations and as prescribed in the Library District's special legislation as enacted in 2005?
Yes - 18,293
No- 6,994


County Court Judge:
Peter C. Bradstreet (R) - 26,292

David V. Cole (R)- 26,420

Town of Bath Clerk:
Kyle Lowery (D) - 1,017
Rhonda Tobias (R) - 2,548

Town of Campbell Justice (vote for 2):
Patricia L. Horton (R) - 882
Douglas L. Horton (R) - 883

Town of Canisteo Justice:
Willard S. Mlott, II (R) - 907

Town of Cohocton Assessor:
Brenda A. Wise (R) - 754

Town of Corning Justice:
Glenford L. Rose, Jr. (R) - 1,973

Town of Freemont Councilman:
Donna Olin (R) - 315

Town of Greenwood Justice:
Mary E. Smith-Gerbes (R) - 240

Town of Hornellsville Councilman:
Robert Mauro (D) - 566
Graham Marcus (R) - 977

Town of Lindley Councilman:
David Ballard (R) - 530

Town of Thurston Councilman:
Sue E. Conklin (R) - 406

Town of Urbana Councilman:
John R. Jensen (P) - 388

Town of Wayland Justice:
Charles W. Cowley (D) - 253
Richard Tweddell (R) - 1,061

Town of Wheeler Superintendent of Highways:
Alan M. Trenchard (R,FT) - 263
Randy L. Comstock (IWY) - 214

Town of Woodhull Justice:
Christie Brothers (NG) -113


City of Ithaca, 4th Ward Councilman:
Stephen J. Smith - 357
Misha Checkovich - 35

Dryden Town Justice:
Joseph J. Valentinelli - 3,679
Sidney A. Knuppenburg - 1,271

Town of Ithaca Justice:
David Klein - 4,518

Town of Lansing Councilperson:
Katrina Binkewicz - 2,676
Andra P. Benson - 1,661

Town of Newfield Clerk:
Karen M. Miller-Kenerson - 1,281

Town of Ulysses Justice:
Thomas A. Schlee - 1,838


Town Council for Catherine:
Glenn Bleiler - 325

Town of Orange Council :
Lori A. Ellison - 203
Nicholas Haner - 190


County Judge:
Dorothy K. Stevens - 5,822
Gerald A. Keene - 10,360
Michael L. Arcesi - 2,947

Nichols Town Justice:
A. Lynette Nickels - 747

Owego Town Justice:
Wesley A. Warren - 2,775
Ronald G. Bell - 5,183

Spencer Town Justice:
Lawrence D. Bleck, Jr. - 783


U.S. Senate:
Kirsten Gillibrand (D) - winner
Wendy Long (R) -

U.S. House of Representatives, 23rd District:
Tom Reed (R) -
Nate Shingawa (D)-

New York State Senate, 58th District:
Tom O'Mara (R,C,I) - winner

New York State Assembly, 124th District:
Christopher Friend (R,C,I) - winner

New York State Assembly, 125th District:
Barbara Lifton (D) - winner

New York State Assembly, 132nd District:
Philip Palmesano (R,C,I) - winner


U.S. Senate
Bob Casey (D) - winner
Tom Smith (R) -

U.S. House of Representatives, 5th District:
Glenn Thompson (R) - winner
Charles Dumas (D) -

U.S. House of Representatives, 10th District:
Tom Marino (R) - winner
Phillip Scollo (D) -

Attorney General:
David Freed (R) -
Kathleen Kane (D) - winner

Pennsylvania State Senate, 23rd District:
Gene Yaw (R) - winner
Luana Cleveland (D) -

Pennsylvania State Senate, 25th District:
Joe Scarnati (R) - winner

Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 68th District:
Matt Baker (R) - winner

Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 110th District:
Tina Pickett (R) -winner