Alfred Stabbing

Written By: Samantha Potter
Alfred Stabbing
ALFRED (WENY)-- Police say a 26-year-old Roy Martinez stabbed another man to death. When officers arrived they found 29 year old Jacob Gray lying in a pool of blood.
    Police say it happened just after 3:30 this morning, at this trailer on Waterwells Road in the town of Alfred. They say that's where they found Jacob Gray dead inside, from apparent stab wounds.
Neighbors tell me they woke up and heard Gray arguing with a woman who lives in the trailer, and there was yelling and fighting.
    They believe that's when Martinez arrived, and allegedly fought with Gray, before stabbing him to death. Meantime, police haven't said how the two men knew each other, or their relationship with the woman who lived at the mobile home.
    Martinez is being held the Allegany Jail without bail, charged with second degree murder and first degree manslaughter. No charges have been filed against the woman at this time.