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Chemung County looks to Privatize Dental Clinic

Chemung county to privatize denatl clinic

CHEMUNG COUNTY (WENY) -- After 30 years of service, Chemung County is looking to hand over ownership of the County Dental clinic. The clinic serves more than 2,000 patients covered by Medicaid and Family/Child Health Plus.The county says it's losing more than $300,000 dollars a year and can no longer afford to run the clinic.

Chemung County executive, Tom Santulli, is suggesting the county give the clinic to Regional Primary Care Network. By switching private ownership the new agency is eligible for higher reimbursements allowing for more enhanced services. The new agency also has a child outreach program that goes into schools to teach kids the importance of dental hygiene.  "So there's ability to outreach, there's ability to get greater reimbursements from the federal government, there's ability to charge a slide in the scale and open the door up itself. I just think its a big positive for the county and a big positive for us. To me I see absolutely no negatives," says Santulli.

The Chemung County legislature will be voting to transfer ownership at its meeting on August 11th.