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Cuomo Repowers Dunkirk Power Plant

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Cuomo Repowers Dunkirk Power Plant

December 16, 2013

TOWN OF CHEMUNG (WENY) -- Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the reopening of a power plant. The plant would have had to shut down if it didn't convert from coal to natural gas.  
       The Dunkirk power plant worked out a $150 million dollar agreement to re-power and expand from coal to a 435 megawatt natural gas facility. The plant could reopen as soon as fall 2015.
     The plan will improve the reliability of the electric system and bring lower electric supply costs to consumers. The agreement assures the operation of the plant for 10 years.
     "The Mayor said it's a win-win and it is a win-win its a win for the state of New York and the comprehensive policy because this point will give us more supply more reliability and reliability is important," said Governor Cuomo.
     The repowering plan will create approximately 50 construction jobs and restore tax payments to local governments to a level of about $8 million a year. The plan hopefully will double the number of permanent jobs at least through mid-2015.