Elmira Men Arrested in Double Murder

Four Elmira are men to be charged in Chautauqua County double homicide and home invasion.

Elmira Men Arrested in Double Murder
     CARROLL, N.Y.  - Four Elmira men have been arrested in connection with a Town of Carroll (Chautauqua County)  home invasion and double homicide. The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office says they "don't feel this was random."
     Davide Coggins (No Address Given), Ricky L. Knickerbocker (Elmira), Steven W. Todd (Elmira) and Joshua A. McCormick (Elmira) have been arrested in connection to the incident.
   Authorities say husband and wife, 66-year-old Gordon Skinner and 59-year-old Joyce Skinner, both died during the home invasion.