Decision 2012

Decision 2012

With Decision 2012 in full swing, voters are lining up at the polls to cast their ballots.

And, with the course of the next four years hanging in the balance, voters shared their hopes for the future.

We heard from people on both sides of the race, and one who says, "My hope is that this country does have a future."

Some want to see changes to our economy and a better future for the middle class, while others think there is still some unfinished budiness with regards to healthcare and the country's overall recovery from the Bush years.

With hot button issues like hydro-fracking, environmental concerns, and job growth at the forefront for this area, the local race for New York's 23rd Congressional District could be a tight one.

However, Both Congressman Tom Reed and Democrat challenger, Nate Shinagawa are confident voters will make the right decision.

Democrat Candidate Nate Shinagawa says, "The support has been very strong across the district." He adds, "It's been an honor to meet people across the district and I hope that I'll have the opportunity to represent them when I get to Congress."

Republican Congressman Tom Reed says that it's a clear choice with all the information that's out. After casting his vote this morning, the Congressman told us, "We did all the work, and I'm proud of our team, proud of my family for standing with us."

Congressman Reed will be in Corning awaiting tonight's results.

Nate Shinagawa will be in Ithaca with his camp tonight after doing some last minute campaigning.

We'll have reporters on both sites, to bring you reaction from the candidates tonight at 11:00.