Counselor Accused of Embezzling Union Funds

Written By: Renata Stiehl
Counselor Accused of Embezzling Union Funds

      ELMIRA (WENY) -- An Elmira counselor is accused of stealing union funds and covering it up.
      Documents filed in a Rochester federal court show Linda Riner is accused of embezzling from the employee benefits fund for Laborer's Local Union 1358 in Elmira. Riner was the funds manager for more than a decade.
     The FBI investigated and is accusing Riner of giving herself pay raises and bonuses, and hiring family members without union approval. Investigators say Riner also falsified the payroll ledger to show she worked hours at the fund office when she was actually dealing with her counseling business.
     Riner also owns Field of Dreams Counseling Service in Elmira. Documents accused Riner of using union funds to pay for counseling seminars and conferences.