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Elmira Mayor on First Arena Deal

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Elmira Mayor on First Arena Deal

ELMIRA -- [WENY] The First Arena deal has Elmira officials abuzz.
     Mayor, Sue Skidmore, says she's pleased with the agreement, even though she doesn't know all the details yet.
     The Mayor thinks the current mortgage holder, Tom Freeman, may be buying the Jackals as well.
     As we reported yesterday, Freeman hopes to open up the arena for more events.
     "Mr. Freeman, since he's an interested member of this community, will certainly turn that place around and maybe we'll see some more things going on in there, as should have been in the first place," said Mayor Skidmore. "So we're very excited about the prospect of the arena getting brightened up, fixed up and more events coming to Elmira."